UBISTART Tour becomes MedStartUp@us.ca

The Galien Foundation and Business France (formerly Ubifrance) join forces for the second time to enable, encourage and reward international partnerships between French and North American innovators. MedStartUp brings together companies from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical technology and healthcare industries, where innovation, scientific excellence and commercial goals are of utmost importance.

What can you expect from MedStartUp?

Global Networking opportunities: 40 French potential partners selected for their innovation and +100 relevant North American entities brought together for 1 day in 1 location.
To identify strategic partnerships and facilitate synergistic collaborations.
• To benchmark innovations and best practices already existing in the European pipeline.
• To reinforce the visibility and the feasibility of your project by connecting with experienced, reputable partners.

This year , the event will be held in the same premises as the prestigious 2015 Galien Forum. The Galien Forum will convene a distinguished group of scientists and industry researchers to review the most significant challenges in the global burden of disease and highlight the latest research and clinical pathways toward diagnosis, treatment and cure. The Forum’s Advisory Committee, whose 10 members include four Nobel Prize laureates, has selected a keynote luncheon speaker and eight expert panels to advance this year’s Forum theme of “Next Wave Treatments for Unmet Medical Needs,”.

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MEDSTARTUP: the 5 steps of the program

1/ MedStartUp Days– OCTOBER 27th, 2015 (Alexandria Life Sciences Center - NYC, USA) Find a Match and OCTOBER 28th, 2015 Attend Workshops (venue TBD)

Full day matchmaking event to facilitate US-French innovators’ interaction and discussion about potential collaborations.

Selection of the French participants by an independent, international jury formed under the supervision of the Galien Foundation.

Jury to be chaired by Bernard Poussot (Former Global President of Wyeth) and composed of distinguished scientists and industry researchers.


December 2015 to June 2016 – brainstorming between French and American companies to build innovative projects.

Submit Synergistic Proposals

Application by US and French participants to the MEDSTARTUP COMPETITION by submitting a joint proposal by May 29th, 2016.

Revision of proposals by jury chair Bernard Poussot and selection of most innovative and promising US-French projects for the 4 following categories (up to 5 selected projects by category):

• Best Collaboration or Partnership with Academia Leading to a Breakthrough Therapy
• Best Innovative Trial Design Leading to Quicker and Better Therapeutic Outcome
• Best Use of Health Patient Engagement Technologies
• Best Collaboration or Partnership Leading to a Breakthrough Therapy or Diagnosis dedicated to the in-developing countrie

Award Ceremony

Announcement of 5 winners at the 2016 USA Galien Price Ceremony in the presence of all nominees.

Presentation of each project in front of prestigious attendees and award ceremony: each laureate to receive a USD 25.000 value prize eligible to any of Business France services.

Implement pilot projects and support expansion plans

Implementation of pilot projects by selected winners with support and guidance by Business France over approximately 6 months.


The MEDSTARTUP Program will operate in three phases:

1. Until July 31st, French candidates will be able to apply online during the first phase of communication. Simultaneously, the projects intended to be presented during the MEDSTARTUP Days will be selected and prepared.

2. On October 27th, during the MEDSTARTUP Days, the participants will have the opportunity to present their company and meet with potential partners.

• 3. The partnerships formed during the MEDSTARTUP Days will then have six months to develop and present their international project and apply to the MEDSTARTUP competition. Meanwhile, the Galien Foundation Board, which includes several Nobel Laureates, will oversee the selection of the independent international jury who will be responsible in December for choosing and awarding the MEDSTARTUP Award to the most innovative and promising projects originating from the MEDSTARTUP Days.


The MEDSTARTUP rules can be downloaded from this link