October 28th

The MedStartup Workshops will provide opportunities for learning more on how to address the North American market. They are designed for those who are actively involved in their American expansion and wish to understand the legal & funding challenges in the Medtech/Biotech & Life Science Marketplace & Eco System as well as to gain experience from entrepreneurs that have succeeded entering the US market and working with US partners.


08:00 AM Registration & Breakfast


James Rosener, President, European American Chamber of Commerce® New York

PROGRAM I     08:30 – 09:55 AM  | ca. 90 mins with Q&A

Legal Issues to consider when entering or operating in the US market

Intellectual Property: trademarks, copyrights: What are you protecting?

Mark, goodwill, market share, technology; Patents and trade secrets in the U.S

What you should know about license agreements

Export rules for companies in regulated industries

Specific legal considerations for companies engaged with the U.S. Healthcare industry

US FDA approval process / Other relevant certifications/licenses

Privacy regulations: The divide between U.S. and Europe

Regulatory & compliance overview (major differences)  – how to keep your legal expenses down.

PROGRAM II     10:00 -10:45 AM | 45 mins with Q&A

Funding Ressources

Types of investors available: venture capital, private equity, public markets, strategic [equity, R&D partnerships, licensing, M&A]

Identifying the best source of financing that fits your business

The landscape of funding in the US

What US investors are looking for (business & legal aspects)

Working with US investors – the funding process

PROGRAM III   10:55 – 11:45 PM | ca. 50 mins with Q&A

Understanding The U.S. Medtech/Biotech & Life Science Marketplace & Eco System

Introduction to the US Medtech and life science market

Federal & State Incentives available for Medtech/Biotech/life-science Companies

Challenges & Opportunities for European companies: Common Mistakes (business & legal aspects)

Briefing on US governmental & regulatory regimes for foreign companies entering the US

Engaging US Partners: What non-US companies need to consider when entering into joint ventures or other forms of partnerships

PROGRAMME IV –    11:45 – 12:30 PM  |  Ca. 45 mins

Meet & Greet with other med/bio-tech start-ups that have succeeded entering the US market and working with US partners.


DATE October 28th 2016 : 01:30pm – 02:30pm

VENUE : Consulate General of France, 934 5th Ave, New York, NY 10021

ATTENDEE S : 60 French Executives from the Medtech, Biotech & Digital Health industries & Medias

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